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Mens Waxing Services

Male waxing expert and services listed below. Book your next appointment now!

Do men really wax?? YES 

Absolutely and ALL TYPES. Men groom just as much as women now a days. Men are waxing and taking care of themselves. My clients rage from all walks of life; single and ready to mingle or married and just loves to be fresh! I have couples who schedule their appointments together- it's great! 




What are the most popular areas to get waxed?

Our number one men's service would be the male brazilian, back wax and stomach.




Is it really THAT painful, like the movies portray it??

Don't let the famous scene from 40 year old virgin or on YouTube scare you away.

A smooth finish will make you feel confident and feel fresh and clean. I am a unisex salon, so there is no reason to feel uncomfortable or nervous. I do this all the time.

How often do I need to come in?

For most body areas, the regrowth is pretty slow. You are usually looking at 4-6 weeks. We want to get all your hair onto a growth cycle that gives best results so its important not to wait too long between appointments. Hair length needs to be the size of a grain of rice. ​

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